Mercure Hotel Bad Oeynhausen City

Hotel 1: Mercure Hotel Bad Oeynhausen City

With 2019 not even a week old, I needed to head to a client in Germany. Not too far from my office, but the client needed us (a colleague and me) on a morning in order not to jeopardise the production. We needed to correct a programming mistake, not that we sell defective products.

The exact place where we needed to be did not have any hotels that seemed appealing, but nearby (about 25km) Bad Oeynhausen did. Out of the selection, the Mercure seemed the most appealing.

So we set off, quite late in the day, and arrived around 23:00, expecting to leave the next day just after breakfast.

Outside sign

Fa├žade at night


I booked the ‘Privilege Room’ and this is also what me and my colleague received. It was a small upgrade fee from a standard room and it seemed to be reasonable value.

Desk in Privilege Room

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Bed and bedding

The main reason for booking a more expensive room is that they all have a king-size bed. That part was fulfilled. The bedding was a standard-issue German duvet, for one person only. Fortunately I had the foresight to bring my own bedding and slept under my own quilt :)

Bed + bedding

The bed was too soft for my liking and seemed quite worn out. Not ideal for my sore lower back. Fortunately there were about 10 pillows on the bed, so I could use one of those to relieve the pressure on my back.

However, certainly room for improvement.


The internet connection was provided by m3connect. You only needed to agree to the T&C and away you went, on any device. Speed was not always decent (though reception was always good), even late into the night.

Location, location, location

This hotel is in the centre of the town of Bad Oeynhausen, not far from the Railway Station, and not far from the Spa Park. In about 45 minutes walk, I had the idea that I had seen most of the important parts of the city centre of Bad Oeynhausen.

Loyalty recognition

As expected, no loyalty recognition at all at this Accor hotel.


Although the hotel itself was very quiet (in fact we seemed to be the only guests on this January day), the same cannot be said for the outside. The main railway line between Hannover and Hamm runs just outside the hotel. It seems to carry traffic 24 hours per day. We had rooms in the back, and although the noise could clearly be heard without earplugs, it was undetectable with ear plugs. My colleague was in an even quieter spot it seemed, because he did not hear anything.

Things to do

Of course, this was a business visit. The only free time I had was used for a short walk, around midnight. Bad Oeynhausen seems like an interesting small town though, particularly in summer it would be great to spend some time here.


Only my colleague had breakfast, but he reported standard German fare, without any special worthy of attention. There is no fridge in the room, so the only way to cool my ‘Soylent’ (Plenny this time) was to put it outside.

Free category

Very strange was the luck we had with doors and gates. When we entered the big public parking under the hotel, the barrier seemed to have crashed, and also several reboots (it runs Ubuntu 14.04!) could not fix it. In the end, the barrier was opened for us and we paid the next day as we had lost our ticket. Also in 2019, German is a cash-oriented society and you could not pay the parking fee by card (any card, not even the Germany-only Girocard was accepted!).

On returning from my walk, my card did not let me enter my room. A replacement card did not work either, and there was not way for the hotel to code a new key, as their machine was broken! In the end, the night porter let me in with his master key. Fortunately it worked!

Overall score

I liked Bad Oeynhausen, but I do not particularly care for this hotel. Of course, it served its purpose, and I did get some sleep. However, the overall feeling is that the guest is just a negative by-effect of having a hotel, and this is reflected by the sub-par quality of the facilities.

Although it was the only game in town for any of the chains I collect points with, I would probably try a different hotel the next time, as this hotel has too many downsides.

View out window in daylight

All pictures are available in full resolution here:

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