Series in 2019: hotels

Series in 2019: hotels

In 2019, I expect to be visiting many hotels. I am planning on concentrating my stays at Accor, Hilton and Marriott, but from time to time I will need to stay in other chains.

In one case (already planned) that’s because I need to get rid of a few points that have been piling up. In other cases because work may dictates where I stay, or there may be no good chain hotel around.

Often I am asked how many nights per year I stay in hotels. Also, I have to confess that I don’t remember all the hotels I stayed at. In that sense, this series serves as a record and extended notebook about my hotel stays.


Of course, everything is subjective, and that is why I don’t really rely on the reviews on website such as Tripadvisor, and the like. I do rely on comments by people that I know.

My own set of criteria is defined below, and it may be refined over the course of 2019. Any grading is going to be on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the best and 1 the worst.


The bed is one of the most crucial aspects of a hotel for me. I like a nice firm bed. Also, a real double bed is preferred over two single beds shoved togehter. Usually I refuse to stay in hotels (or rooms) with single beds, so you will probably not find this at all.


One of the more important things for me is “internet”. Having a connection per se is not enough. I usually carry five devices, so I would really like to connect those. The speed is beyond using a stream from my Plex Server at home secondary, it just needs to work.

Location, location, location

Those who know me, know that I value a good location of a hotel. A good location of a hotel to me is usually in suburbia somewhere, perhaps in an interesting neighbourhood.

Loyalty recognition

Whenever I have a status at a hotel, it will be nice if it is recognised. Let’s see what happens here. At the beginning of 2019, my statuses are: Accor Silver, Hilton Diamond, and Marriott basic member. My goal is to extend the Hilon Diamond, to work Marriott up to at least Silver, perhaps Gold and whatever happens at Accor is not so important.


Some hotels tend to be very noisy. They may have a poor airconditioning unit, very thin walls, or just located in a noisy area (trains are the worst). Some hotels have lifts that are so poorly designed that you hear them five doors away! This aspect definitely needs a separate section in my reports :)

Things to do

Walks, museums, free bikes to use, factory stores, escape rooms. It’s always a bonus to find nice things around a hotel. Here I will mention anything good that I have seen.

Shopping and food

An important part of travelling for me is ‘meeting the locals’ and tasting local things. Some shopping, even at a kiosk and picking up some local food can be helpful in that. Therefore it deserves a separate category.

Free category

This can be anything that the hotel surprises me with. Swimming pools, saunas, reserved parking space for elite guests, whatever.


Whether breakfast, a nice restaurant, or any other opportunity for food, they deserve some attention too. It may be inside or outside the hotel itself.

Overall score

I decided not to keep an overall score, as many places don’t get a second visit from me. Nevertheless, a general overall rating is mentioned.

You can see which hotels I have convered so far here. I don’t expect this series to be updated live during stays, I will get document the hotels when I have a bit of time. When I stay in hotel repeatedly, the article will clearly state so.

Wian Stienstra
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