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Hotel 2: preamble

I don’t like rushing, and therefore I usually choose to stay at an airport hotel when I fly from Schiphol. The airport is about 1.5 hours drive from my house. However, it goes through an undependable stretch of roads, and you need to allow for a lot of time potentially lost.

That is the main reason why I often stay at hotels near Schiphol. Often parking is cheaper than straight at the airport too. There is a good selection of hotels around Amsterdam Airport, and I particularly enjoy the hotels in the villages around Amsterdam itself. Most hotels are not far away from parks and residential areas, making them suitable for walks and for getting some last-minute shopping.

Outside sign

Marriott Courtyard Amsterdam Airport

This time it was the Marriott Courtyard Amsterdam Airport. Normally this hotel is quite expensive compared to other options. However, it was not too expensive at the tail end of the Christmas break, and it had a special offer (free breakfast if you paid with a VISA card) and therefore it was quite attractive to try it.

It has four stars and it is currently being expanded, with completion scheduled for May 2019. I imagine it may be a bit noisy during weekdays. Construction sites usually start at 07:00 in the Netherlands.

The hotel on the outside with the airport shuttle

The main lobby

Expansion overview - they work on the left tower


I booked the ‘Deluxe Room’ and received a corner room, in the right tower. A very nice room that I really enjoyed. The view was nice, as I was at the back and overlooking the nature reserve. The front would not be nearly as nice. My room was on the 8th floor (out of 10).

View from my back window

Side window, you can see the construction site

Other angle, you can spot the Schiphol tower in the distance

The room was quite spacious and had both a bath and a shower.


Bed - nice and big :)

Desk area

The mini-fridge was empty, and you could stock up downstairs at reasonable prices (for an airport hotel). Otherwise there is an Albert Heijn supermarket at about 20 minutes walk from the hotel. There was also a tea/coffee tray.


Pricelist - with a Dutch flavour

Coffee/tea tray

There were many USB-sockets near the desk and bed, charging your devices slowly (about 0,5A I’d say) but reliably.

USB Socket by the bed

Bed and bedding

Not a lot to be said about the king-size bed and the bedding. Everything too my liking, even though I don’t need so many pillows. However, this was easily solved by putting them in the closet.

Don’t throw the pillows on the floor as it will be nuisance for either housekeeping or the next guest! (the pillow will be dirty)

Bed - so spacious it features again :)

All in all, the bed was very good, and I slept quite well, no problems here.


The internet connection was standard Marriott fare, with a portal where you need to provide your name and room number, and all would be good. Marriott has the special option to let the system remember your MAC-address so you don’t need to re-register next time you are in one of their properties. I had no issues connecting five devices, all at very accpetable speed.

Location, location, location

One of the reasons why I really wanted to try this hotel is its location. At the front, it overlooks a busy throughroad, but at the back it borders a very pretty nature reserve, with the views as shown above.

It is called the Haarlemmermeerse Bos. The Haarlemmermeer is a well-known polder: reclaimed land. There is a canal of 60 km in length around the polder, so infact it is an island. Also Schiphol is built in this polder. In the 70s a ‘forest’ (115 Ha only) was developed here.

Map for Haarlemmermeerse Bos just outside the hotel

Loyalty recognition

Currently, I have no status at Marriott, so there was no loyalty to be recognised :) However, I did have chat at check-in with the lady mentioning that I wanted to build up status at Marriott, so perhaps that’s why she gave me the corner room.


The vicinity to a major busy road and of course Schiphol Airport makes it impossible to have a very quiet room. During the night, also heard other guests moving about. Nevertheless, the noise level is very acceptable and certainly with a set of earplugs, you will have a good night’s rest.

The main road outside the hotel

Things to do

The main attraction for me was the big lake behind the hotel and the walking trail around it. At night the area is very deserted, but every now and then I encountered other people walking. Very nice, and I look forward coming back at some point during spring or summer. At night, it’s eerily quiet but it did not feel unsafe in any way.

Of course, the hotel has many facilities like sauna and a gym, too, listed on a sign in the lift.

Facilities at the hotel

If you are more the type for bowling, a casino or dining, you have options nearby, too. These, together with the hotel, all belong to the Claus Park Collection. It belongs to the Claus Family.

Claus Event Center - part of the Claus Park Collection

Slot Machine - near the lift

I wondered about a casino, given Marriott’s Mormon heritage, but I also found that according to the Latter-Day Saints it is not an evil of the same magnitude as tobacco, caffeine or or alcohol. See this New York Times Article.

And (a common service at Dutch hotels) you can rent bicycles too. I would guess about € 15-20 per day.

Bike stand


The breakfast was good, but nothing special. Certainly not a place where I would ask for Eggs Benedict. Choice was OK, though, and the food itself (hashbrowns, mushrooms, sausages, some bacon and scrambled eggs) was quite good, also.

Buffet 1

Buffet 2

On my plate

Free category

In the room, it’s possible to use the television through its Chromecast receiver, allowing you to stream material through your own device. Together with the USB-ports it provides an up-to-date feeling to the room.

Chromecast on the TV

The hotel surprised me by giving me a free dental kit instead of me having to buy toothpaste from the hotel’s tuckshop.

For parking, I used the services of Mobypark. It offers parking at many hotels around Schiphol, also at this one. However, when you book though Mobypark, the rates are much lower, plus you get the shuttle to and from the airport included. Normally that’s a € 6 ride.

Overall score

The Marriott Courtyard Amsterdam Schiphol was a solid hotel, and I am glad I could check it out. It’s a pity that this hotel is usually in the € 125-150 per night range, which makes it a bit too expensive compared to other choices around the airport. However, if you can book it for prices less than € 100, I would certainly recommend it and also book it again myself.

All pictures are available in full resolution here:

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For 2019, this was my second hotel, and my second night in a hotel, so (2/2). You can see which hotels I have covered so far here. I don’t expect this series to be updated live during stays, I will document the hotels when I have a bit of time.

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