Interviews on Brexit

Interviews on Brexit

On 15 and 16 January 2019, I was interviewed for a regional broadcaster, RTV Drenthe. They wanted to feature the important vote on Brexit, and were looking for a regional angle.

My name was on their books from an earlier event, and I could also provide some further contacts. As it turned out, not all of them wanted to go on record saying something on Brexit, but one Company Director was.

Moreover, I could contribute some insights, resulting in a nice article online, see here, or here for a PDF.

My first interview was in the studio, it can be heard here:

The next day I was asked for further background at the tail end of a news bulletin, this time by phone. It was a bit daunting receiving a call just a minute for going on air!

Such is the magic of radio: very quick, very accurate and providing the news from many angles. A real pleasure to contribute to these broadcasts!

On 13 March 2019, I was back in the studio for another interview.

Wian Stienstra
ICT, Strategy, Marketing and More


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