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Commentary on Brexit

After my earlier interviews on Brexit in January I was invited back today, 13 March 2019, on Radio Drenthe, the leading radio station (publicly funded) in the Dutch province of Drenthe. I was interviewed again by Arnold Jeuring in his drive-time show “With Arnold into the evening”.

Arnold Jeuring and myself

In just 5 minutes, I delivered commentary on the deal that had been voted down the previous day. I was also asked to provide context to the upcoming votes on not accepting a no-deal scenario and possibly delay. Of course, the point of view from Brussels was important too.

I was glad I could give the audience some further clarifications and also context as to why that, as of now, a no-deal scenario is less of a threat to the EU than it was in January.

You can listen to the soundclip here:

As it happened, I had a meeting with a former radio presenter the day before. He gave me some tips for interviews, which I put in practice immediately. All in all, I think that the interview sounded very lively and with top-notch audio quality - I like to think that the listeners were entertained and informed at the same time.

Of course, lineair broadcast radio may be on the decline. However, an interview like this provides plenty of impact, and gives a regional angle and analysis to world news that is difficult to get by other means. Come 29 March, I would love to be back and talk about the situation as it is then, and the impact it has for the Province of Drenthe, citizens and companies alike.

Me in the studio

Wian Stienstra
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